About Us

Welcome to our website – your comprehensive resource for energy efficiency and sustainability! We are John and Emily Thompson, a dedicated husband-and-wife team committed to guiding businesses towards environmental responsibility and cost savings.

John Thompson

John, a double alumnus of the University of Oxford and Imperial College London, has spent over 15 years honing his skills in the energy industry. His academic foundation in Environmental Science and Energy Management, bolstered by a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) credential from the Association of Energy Engineers, provides the backbone for his energy efficiency and conservation work.

From his early career as an Energy Analyst to his later role as an Energy Manager for a multinational corporation, and now as an independent consultant, John’s extensive knowledge and practical experience is a cornerstone of our consultancy. Known for his patience and approachability, John takes pride in translating complex energy concepts into easy-to-understand language for our clients.

Beyond his professional life, John is deeply passionate about the environment and sustainability. This commitment led him to establish this platform, where he can extend his expertise to a wider audience and help more businesses move towards energy efficiency.

Emily Thompson

Emily, a graduate of the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, later pursued a Master’s Degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of Leeds. This educational blend has been key to her understanding of how sustainability fits into the business world. Emily’s journey began in customer service and operations management, where she learned the intricacies of business broadband services. She then used this knowledge to pioneer initiatives that helped businesses understand their water usage and implement conservation measures.

With her Certified Sustainability Professional (CSP) accreditation from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Emily now assists businesses in integrating sustainable practices into their daily operations. She shares John’s belief in the importance of sustainability and together, they provide a comprehensive range of consulting services designed to optimise business operations from an environmental perspective.

Our Story

We first met at a sustainability conference in the late ’90s, brought together by our shared passion for environmental sustainability. This meeting sparked a relationship that blossomed both personally and professionally.

Now in our mid (to-late) 50s, we have two environmentally-conscious children, Daniel and Sophia, who continue to inspire us. Our family lives the values we promote, embracing sustainable living from our solar-powered home to Emily’s organic vegetable garden.

Outside work, John enjoys reconnecting with nature through hiking and bird-watching, while Emily dedicates time to her garden and culinary experiments with her homegrown vegetables.

Join us in our journey toward a sustainable future. Let’s work together to make your business part of the solution. Get in touch with us today!

John and Emily Thompson